Because of time constraints, we weren’t able to have a discussion of the draft CCCC best practices statementon electronic portfolios that was distributed at the Institute.

CCCC Best Practices Statement – Draft

Because this document will be revised this year prior to its formal adaption, your feedback will be extremely valuable to the committee working on it. I hope we can have a lively discussion of it in this space.

Some questions to which you might respond:

  • Why does this document do well?
  • How might it be helpful to you?
  • What excites you about it?
  • Why is the way its written effective?
  • What have you learned from it?
  • How might you use it?
  • What needs improvement in this document?
  • Why doesn’t it help you accomplish what such a policy document be needed for?
  • Why is the structure and contents inappropriate for its audiences?
  • How does this document relate to other statements issued by professional organizations in our field, such as the WPA outcomes statement or the CCCC statement on writing in digital environments? What should be role of these organizations in shaping ePortfolio practice?