If you have the opportunity prior to attending the institute, please take some time to read through a chapter by Kathleen Blake Yancey entitled “Digitized Student Portfolios” as well as the student ePortfolios listed below. These texts will introduce a few foundational principles and examples that should help us get off to a strong start when we meet next week.

Kathleen Blake Yancey “Introduction: Digitized Student Portfolios” (pp. 15-30) in Electronic Portfolios: Emerging Practices in Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning. Ed. Barbara Cambridge. AAHE, 2001. yancey-aahe-eports.pdf

Manju Poudel. This portfolio was composed in Blackboard at LaGuardia Community College. It is part of LaGuardia’s public “Portfolio Gallery” (intermediate level), which can be accessed here.

Tracy Wright. This portfolio was composed in Avenet’s eFolio by a faculty member at Northland Community and Technical College in Minnesota. It’s part of a lifelong-learning project called eFolio Minnesota, which provides free electronic portfolio space and resources to all residents of Minnesota.

Sean Moore. This site, which includes a blog, visuals, and a portfolio, was composed as a undergraduate capstone project for the New Century College at George Mason University.

Bethany Strong. This portfolio was composed in FrontPage for a senior seminar in biology at Spelman College. The professor of this class asked her students to compose portfolios addressed to incoming first-year biology majors.

Eva Maria Hirschmann: This portfolio was composed by a student in a first-year composition class at Clemson University using Composer, a free web authoring program.